First Post

This will, eventually, be a log of SoTA activations once the VK6 summits have been identified and published.

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  1. Hi Merton, looking forward to reading about your SOTA adventures in VK6 and the opportunity to chase from VK1 plus a chance to work a S2S VK1 to VK6. Did you know you can chase SOTA activators in the east? Mike VK6MB and John VK6NU are regular SOTA chasers on 20m, have worked both many times.
    Best wishes Merton
    Andrew, VK1NAM

    • mertonglass says:

      Hi Andrew

      I’m only SWL’ing from Perth at the moment. Awaiting my Foundation certification and, hopefully, I will be licensed by the end of the year. I’ve been following the VK6 summit logging and even tried filling in some details on the summit lists on the Yahoo group.

      There is a webSDR based in Melbourne that I hear most of the guys on when the QRM isn’t too bad. My equipment is pretty limited at the moment too, although one of my old school mates over here has had his full-call for 25-odd years and has accumulated many devices and parts. I have piqued his interest in summits to the extent that he might let this folly with 2m & 70cm repeaters drop for a while 😉

      Thanks for replying to my first fumbling post.

      73 & BR


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