I live in WA, have an ‘F’ call, am interested in Summits on The Air and we appear to be experiencing one of the biggest nulls on 40m in recent history.

This does not mean that I need to miss out.

I recently discovered a Software Driven Radio (actually 4) that can be driven via a web user interface in Melbourne. From here I have been able to enjoy listening to SOTA pileups.

I would like to thank Andy, VK3YT, for allowing us to have access to this technology. Sadly, I probably can’t get SWL points as I’m not at the receiver, but, for the record, here’s my brief log from last weekend.

VK2CZ 7100 4/6 0238 22/2/14
VK3ANL 7095 2/5 0342 22/2/14
VK2QR 7090 5/6 0500 22/2/14
VK2TWR 7100 4/6 0156 23/2/14

Thanks for being out there guys! Forgot to record the summit numbers and I’m going by the system generated time on VK6YT’s software log. I’m still learning.

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