Shack on a Letterbox

A friend has kindly lent me his FT-817 and I decided to have a quick play late on Sunday afternoon. 5W, a random wire and a manual tuner works well. Seems to be a lot more sensitive on receive than the Barrett 950. Might just be the lack of bulk QRM from the home dipole that makes the difference.


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2 Responses to Shack on a Letterbox

  1. Watch out for the SOTA bug Merton. 🙂
    Watching you blog over the last few months, it looks as though you are ready for SOTA in VK6 and portable operations including National Parks.
    Andrew, VK1NAM

    • Merton says:

      It’s already bitten quite hard, Andrew. Thinking about activating a national park about 20 minutes north of my QTH.

      73 Merton

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